Black Flower

When stylist and creative director, Julia Morris, contacted Mani and his team with this idea, it
was like the stars aligned and dark angels sang. Julia and Mani created this vision of an angel
turned edgy and twisted; adorned with black flowers, vintage jewelry and black lace. We
brought in Jenia Ierokhina from MAJOR New York model management to play the role of our
dark beauty. Seiji Uehara was our master of wig styling and our make up artist, Dana Arcidy, took
Jenia's eyebrows and overall look to the topmost level of boldness. See for yourself!

Light & Shadows

One of Mani's favorite techniques is creating shadows on his subject. For this editorial, our
assistants wielded x-acto knives and created cucoloris out of foam core. Mani's vision was to
have a dramatic cross of light fall just over the model's eyes. In the studio, our model
Charlie Dupont from NEXT management was the epitome of fierce. Makeup artist,
Ann Benjamas, and hair stylist, Anike Rabiu, were the dream beauty team. Of course, no fashion
editorial would be complete without a talented stylist; Laurean Ossorio decked Charlie out in the
most extravagant furs and jackets. Light & Shadows was published in the December 2015 issue
of Elegant Magazine, check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!